{New Collection} Sweet Snow White Printable Party Collection

“Mirror Mirror on the wall.  Who is the fairest one of all?’  I am so thrilled to share with you today Machaila’s Sweet Snow White inspired birthday party.  I remember when she was a tiny toddler, dressed in a costume of some sort dancing around the house all day long, one of her favorite

{Pretty Party Shop} Hand-Made Glass Tiny Tiara

Now these are stunning!  When I first saw these gorgeous glass tiny tiaras I made them available to my on-site customers.  Many have purchased

{Buzz Worthy} Meet Irene from Irene’s Bake Shop + Her $10000 Cake

Today I want to introduce to you someone very talented.  Irene from Irene’s Bake Shop.  Aside from being a busy cake maker she is a devoted wife, mother of two, grandma to three and takes care of her 97 year old mother.  Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with Irene as […]

{Inspiration} Swan Lake with Machaila

Thursday night was a very special night for my daughter and I.  We went to see Swan Lake put on by the State Ballet Theatre of Russia.  As many of you know Machaila is a very talented ballerina.  I know that being her mother I am a little bias but when she dances

{Feature Party Theme} Glass Slipper Ball Celebration

Nothing makes a little girl feel more like a princess than dressing up like Cinderella.  And what does Cinderella do once she is all dressed up in her gorgeous blue gown?!?!