{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Snowball Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday my wonderful readers!  Here is a sweet and frosty treat for you.  I found this recipe, well it is more of a sweet idea, as I await the snowy weather that is soon to come.  Snowball cupcakes from

{Pretty Party Shop} Lollipop Sticks :: Ready to Ship!

Hello and Happy Sweet Treat Tuesday!  Today, instead of a recipe, I have our newest product in our pretty party shop  which can be used with many of your sweet treats- lollipop sticks!  These tiny

{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Heavenly Angel Food Cake Cupcakes!

Now these are just heavenly!  Hello and happy Tuesday!  For today’s sweet treat I wanted to share a classic recipe in preparation for tomorrows Angel Food Cake Day.  I found this amazing recipe

{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Mini Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Happy Tuesday to all!  I know, I know, it has taken me all day put up this post, so sorry!  Sometimes the day goes by so fast that it is not until

{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Chocolate Milkshake Cupcakes

It’s that time of the week again!  And being as tomorrow is Chocolate Milkshake Day I thought I would share a sweet treat that you can make at home

{Sweet Treat Tuesday} S’Mores in a Jar

It’s Sweet Treat Tuesday!!!  So we have one month left before the summer is for the most part over.  And with that a lot of us are spending much