{The Tiny Tiara} Working on my wish! + Sale

Hello Everyone!  I have to first start with an apology.  For what you ask!  Well, I feel as though I have been neglecting my blog and blog readers as I have not been keeping up to date with my posts.  When I first started this blog a year ago, it was my wish to post a tiny something every day. Whether it was a great styling idea, yummy recipe to incorporate into a sweet table, a DIY idea, party styling products that I offer, the latest in our printable party designs etc. in the hopes of giving people, no matter how tiny, inspiration.  Inspiration for an event that they were planning, something fun to do with there children, the personal touch to their home decor or something sweet just for themself.  Things have been so busy, which is good, that lately I have found it a bit difficult to make a blog post everyday.

My second wish, which brings me to my next apology and at the same time some very exciting news, was to have a website, blog and online shop all in one spot for everyone to access without jumping from one web address to another and to be seamlessly connected to one another.  So that is what we are busy working on now.  As a result, our website and online shop are temporarily shut-down while under construction.  My apology is for not warning you all of this shut down earlier.  So as I, and my team, work on my wish, I can still be easily reached whether on the phone or via email – all contact information is listed below.  Also, my Etsy shop will remain open during this time and I will try to get more of my printable party designs and pretty party supplies on there so you can still make purchases.  And as a thank you for your patience and understanding I have a sale for you.  Enjoy 15% off on all of our printable party designs in our shop for the entire week.  Just you the promo code: WISHES15

Thank you so much for all of your patience during this very exciting time, I will keep you posted on the progress and I will still continue to make blog posts here so visit us everyday.

Enjoy and hope that you all work on your wishes and dreams too!

I can be reached at:




Photo Credit: Beth Retro Photography

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