{New Collection} Sweet Snow White Printable Party Collection

“Mirror Mirror on the wall.  Who is the fairest one of all?’  I am so thrilled to share with you today Machaila’s Sweet Snow White inspired birthday party.  I remember when she was a tiny toddler, dressed in a costume of some sort dancing around the house all day long, one of her favorite movies to watch – over and over again- was Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This year I was finally able to pull together a snow white inspired party theme for her.  She loved every moment and boy did she ever take on the roll of Snow White – lol!

I found her a gorgeous Snow White inspired gown from one of my favorite dress makers Fairy Wonderful.  The yellow tulle draped to the floor and the flowers were the deepest blue and they were each finished with a crystal gem in the center.  A satin ribbon tied around her tiny neck in a bow which draped down her back – the gown was gorgeous!  I finished her outfit with a red ribbon hair band and a custom bracelet for the occasion made by Sunny of Miss Kittens Boutique.

I started designing this party with our Sweet Snow White printable invitations. I wanted something clean and elegant with a tiny bit of embellishment.  Each invitations was hand delivered to each guest but not before they were printed, trimmed and finished with a plush satin ribbon in the most stunning shade of red.

I used a color palette of rich navy, deep red, light blue, creamy yellow and snow white.  Linens were navy pintuck satin and all of the centerpieces were white peonies in silver mint julep cups.  Aside from this party being a celebration of the seventh birthday of my baby girl, it was special as I was able to use many heirloom silver pieces from both my mom and grandmother.  Silver trays, teapots, sugar bowls, platters, candle holders and utensils that have been in the family for years were all incorporated into this theme and displayed everywhere.

Lemon drop cupcakes were topped with our Sweet Snow White printable party circles and displayed on crystal trimmed trays.  The printable party circles in this collection include 4 stunning designs in all of the Snow White inspired colors.  They also feature the most whimsical Snow White silhouette and the most adorable blue bird graphic.

Sweet candy apples, lemon french macaroons and blue bird sugar cookies were all party of this fairytale menu and all finished with our Sweet Snow White printable fancy labels.

Along with all of the antique silver pieces, I incorporated a lot of crystal.  Crystal goblets were set at each place setting for the guests, crystal candy jars stuffed with fun sweet treats and crystal decanters that I borrowed from my Dad – thanks Dad!  Grandpa will do anything for his little pumpkin!

Before the girls sat down to eat, they each transformed into tiny princesses at the vanity.  After they applied all of the lipstick, glitter and nail polish that a little girl could, they all added a tiny bit more sparkle with a gorgeous gemstone ring.

Each tiny princess was welcomed at the luncheon table with a place setting that was surrounded with plush pintuck satin linens, vintage silver, crystal, layered china, sweet treats, white peony floral arrangements, a jeweled trinket box and a personalized place card set in our rhinestone tiny tiara place card holders.

Once all of the tiny bellies were full, everyone headed over to the craft area where they each made their own magic mirror to take home.

And to finish the party off were these stunning favor boxes made especially for Machaila and her guests by two amazingly creative ladies, Suzie and Kris from The LootDivas.  Each favor box was finished with our Sweet Snow White printable favor tags and adorned with the plush red satin ribbon to pull the entire party theme together.

The most magical for my most amazing little girl.  Happy birthday again baby doll!

And an extra special thank you to some very talented individuals who helped me bring this party theme to life:

Party Design, Printables and Supplies: The Tiny Tiara
Cake and Sugar Cookies: Irene’s Bake Shop
Loot Boxes and Favors: The LootDivas
Machaila’s Dress: Fairy Wonderful
Hand-made Bracelets: Miss Kittens Boutique
Macaroons: French Corner Bakery



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