{Halloween} DIY Black and White Wreathe

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Today is an exciting day as we start our Countdown to Halloween today.  Over the past few weeks I have debuted some of our Halloween printable collections and with all of the designing and decorating for Halloween I thought it would be great to have our next series center around Halloween to get us all ready for the upcoming spooky festivities.  Now I don’t know about you but I am just loving all things black and white for Halloween this year.  So I thought our countdown focus could be on black and white Halloween decorations.  And to start our countdown off, we have Jenny from Days of Chalk and Chocolate here to give us a tutorial on a great black and white Halloween wreathe for the front door!  Enjoy!

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny and I blog over at Days of Chalk and Chocolate. It’s there that I chronicle my days as a teacher, mother, DIY fanatic, and crafter.  I’m so excited to be here at The Tiny Tiara! Nicola’s parties are amazing and so full of fun details and style!  Thanks so much for having me today, Nicola!

Halloween is my favorite holiday and my sweet daughter Molly was born on Halloween so we do it up big time.  Some of my favorite projects are inspired by the season and the holiday!

Candy Corn Cookies
Bewitch Banner
Sweet Potato Brownies with Buttered Maple Glaze

My all time favorite though is my Halloween Glam Wreath and it was pretty easy to do!  I’d love to share it with you!  You can see more pictures here.

Step 1:  Gather your supplies. You will need 1 wreath form, about a half a yard ( maybe less) of white linen fabric cut into strips (I varied my lengths and widths), several long, wider strips of any white  fabric, glue gun, black/white/gray embellishments such as flowers, beads, etc., black thread, and 1 black glitter foam sheet.

Step 2:  Using your thicker, longer strips, start wrapping your wreath completely.  Secure every so often with hot glue.

Step 3:

Begin tying your smaller strips randomly around the wreath to create the look of mummy wrappings. I secured each tie with a small bead of hot glue so they would stay put. I varied where I tied the knot on the wreath, some are tied high and some are low.

Continue tying until you achieve the look you like. I ended up with strips every inch or so all the way around the wreath.

Step 4:  Glue on your embellishments. Lay them out first on the wreath before you glue to find the placement you like best.

Step 5 & 6:

Find a bat silhouette.  Print, cut out, and trace on the reverse side of the glitter foam sheet. Cut out. My glitter foam had a adhesive back.  So I peeled it off after cutting it and I stuck it onto a length of thread. I then hot glued the bat to the thread to ensure it doesn’t fall off.  Next I tied the thread to the wreath in between the strips so the tied part was hidden by the fabric. Then I put a bead of hot glue on the back to secure it to the wreath. And done!

Thanks again, Nicola, for giving me the opportunity to share my Halloween Glam wreath!




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