{Sneak Peek} Sweet Snow White Printable Party Collection :: Coming Soon!

I could not wait until tomorrow to share a tiny sneak peek into Machaila’s birthday party with her friends that we had yesterday.  As many of you know, I host two parties for my children.  Yes, two!  One party for family on their birthday and one for friends.  This way, the birthday child gets to spend quality time with everyone at some point during their birthday festivities.  Now I know what the next question is – do you create two different themes for each party.  My answer – of course!!!  A while back I shared a sneak peek of Machaila’s Little Red Riding Hood party that she had with family.  Those printables are on their way – my apologies for not having them ready yet, as you can image, things have been sooooooo busy!  So today I wanted to share with you a tiny snippet of her Sweet Snow White party and give you tiny peek into this printable party collection that is on it’s way.

I truly can not wait to share with you all of the party photos from Machaila’s Sweet Snow White party and talk about all of the details of this party.  There are so many elements of this party that I feel in love with and I know you will too.  And I also have some wonderful people to introduce you to that helped to make this party wonderful and whimsical.  Also, visit us tomorrow as we start our countdown to Halloween series with a guest blogger.  See you tomorrow and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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