{Sweet Ideas} Adorable Ice Cream Cone Chandelier

I have to say that I am having the most fun with ice cream month.  The ideas for crafts and DIY projects are endless.  I came across this tutorial from Icing Designs to make adorable ruffled ice cream cones out of paper, styrofoam balls, fabric and ribbon and wanted to pass it along.

Starting out with long strips of fabric, use a sewing machine to stitch down the center, ruffling the fabric as you sew.

Cut out a cone shape onto any scrapbook paper.  (HINT: Tomorrow’s freebie will be in the shape of a cone!)

Glue the edges together to make a cone and stuff with filling.  Then using fabric of your choice, wrap a styrofoam ball.

Place the stryrofoam ball on top of the cone.  Then wrap and hot glue your ruffled strips of fabric around the top of the cone.

Make as many as you wish in various colors and hang from a chandelier with ribbon.  So sweet!


Get your ice cream cone chandelier instructions here!


  1. This is such a sweet idea! I’m loving your blog!


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