{Tiny Dancer} My Pride! My Joy!

You may have noticed that the past week and a half has been so busy me – I have fallen behind on my blog posts, so sorry!  As things get back on track and I get into my routine again I did want to put some work stuff aside and focus today on being a proud mommy and share with you all a special moment for my tiny dancer Machaila.  This past weekend, Machaila, and all of the other wonderful dancers from her dance studio, Studio X, celebrated another amazing year of dance with their annual dance recital.  Now this is not your typical recital held at a local community center.  Oh no! This is a show that is held at the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts.  Many months of preparation go into this show.  From prop and set design, to tiring practices, to ticket sales, to costume fittings, endless work by choreographers and instructors, stage managers, lighting and sound technicians, backstage crew, quick change organizers and facilitators – me being one of them, make-up and hair changes, runners, green room supervisors, and stage security and the list goes on and on.  And with two shows this year, things were twice as busy!  But when you see your little one doing what they love and having the best time, it is so worth it!

I wanted to share with you her costumes.  Her costumes this year were so beautiful.  I think they get more beautiful each year.  But I think what I am most amazed with is seeing how much she has grown.  She started when she was three and she really looked like a baby.  When she was that young she looked like a tiny puff-ball in her costumes and spent most of her time skipping in a circle on stage.  But now, she looks like a real dancer! Here she is in her tap costume (left) and her ballet costume (right).  I think her favorite part of her tap costume was her wig – lol!  She bobbed her tiny head the moment that thing went on to when it finally came off and the end of the night.  And her ballet number was just so beautifully choreographed to a song from Tangled.

She was just so full of sass with her jazz costume (left).

She really takes on a different persona with each costume that she puts on!  And she really loves the camera – lol!!!  I am also so impressed by the fact that she has no stage fright what-so-ever, even in front of an audience of hundreds.

Congratulations to all of the dancers who performed so well.  And congratulations to all of the dance instructors for all of their hard work and creative energy.  You all have done an outstanding job!

And to my tiny dancer – I love you and am so very proud of you!  Keep dancing sweetheart and doing what you love!

Love Mommy

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