{The Tiara Diaries} First Issue on WordPress!

Good morning my lovely readers!  I feel as though everyday that I come onto to my blog to write I am announcing something new.  And today is no different.  When I started this blog I wanted a forum to share with everyone party design and planning tips and tricks that I have learned along the way.  I also wanted a place where people can look for inspiration and for valuable resources and tools that could be used in their party planning adventures.  I have incorporated few regular columns in my blog.  The first is Sweet Treat Tuesday – a day in which I showcase a new recipe for a dessert that can easily be reproduced and incorporated into your own parties and celebrations.  The second is our Fabulous Freebie Friday/Fabulous Friday Giveaway in which I try to give my readers tiny freebies which they can access and use in their celebrations or even home decor.  I also have Sweet Finds and Sweet Ideas in which I share any products that I think are great or interesting ideas from other creative people out there. And so I have been thinking ‘what else can I offer?’  Before I started my blog, I had an email newsletter that I sent out which offered tips, features, tutorials etc.  So I decided that I could turn that newsletter into a new column called The Tiara Diaries.  In this column I hope to address things like party etiquette, planning checklists, party themes, DIY crafts, tutorials, party inspiration etc.  And my hope is that I can give you this information mid-week on a weekly basis.  With this being new, you will have to bear with me as it may take a week to two for me to get in the habit of writing this column – lol!!!  Anyway, I hope that it is a column that you find helpful and resourceful.

Talk to you soon!


What would you find helpful in this column???  What topics would you like to read about???

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