{Let’s Connect} More ways to reach us and stay connected!

Not too long ago I started a facebook page for The Tiny Tiara.  I am a little slow to jump right into new technology, it takes time to figure out all of the ins and outs and to find ways to incorporate updating into my daily routine.  So, to get my feet wet, I started with facebook.  And with a little technical help, it has been a way for me to connect with friends, family and fans and to help keep everyone connected to us and what we are doing as well as provides a location to receive our amazing freebies. I love seeing the new friends that are made and I cherish all of the wonderful comments and encouraging words that I receive. Things are going better than I expected!  So now I thought it would be a great time to branch out a tiny bit more. And with that I added a twitter account and made my first tweet today – I feel so high-tech (lol)!

I also started a pinterest page.  I am very excited about this.  It gives me a way to share with all of you my work and my inspiration in one spot.  I have made one board already called Charm School.  It highlights all of the pictures of Machaila’s birthday party theme this past September.

So how do you connect with us???  Ken from 10K Marketing and Design designed adorable tiny blog buttons for me to make access so easy for our family of friends.  You will find these buttons – just like the photo above – at the right of our blog where it says “let’s connect!”

I am so thrilled to start this next chapter of my technological adventure and look forward to all of the friends that I will continue to be able to keep in contact with and also to all of the new friends that I will make along the way.

So click away and let’s connect!


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