{New Printable Collection} BEE-utiful Vintage Bumble Bee Printable Party Collection + New to our Shop

Hello!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend!  Over here at The Tiny Tiara, I have been a busy little bee trying to get this collection ready for you.  Early last week I offered a little sneak peek at this printable collection and now I am so pleased to announce that it is ready and I am so excited to share it with all of you.  So here it is, our newest printable party collection, BEE-utiful Vintage Bumble Bee!

I am so in love with this collection!  What sparked the inspiration of this collection was a few weeks ago, as the weather was changing from our cold winter weather into some warm spring-like days filled with sunshine, I spotted the season’s first bee.  Now usually when I spot a bee, I run in the other direction screaming because I have a phobia of bees.  It is so bad that one year, in high school, I ran out of a chemistry exam because there was a bee in the room – lol!!!  But not this time.  Instead I was struck by its gorgeous colors, in awe probably because the colors of nature had been so dark and dreary for months and inspired to create something fun.  This collection can be used for a birthday celebration and would make great decor and pull a Mommy-2-Bee baby shower theme together quite nicely.


The color scheme for this collection is in part traditional with some non-traditional elements to give this collection an overall soft feeling.  I chose black and paired it with a pale, almost buttery, yellow and I added a soft grey to give this collection a vintage feel.  I have been finding that I have been working a lot with greys lately – I think I will have to write a blog about that at some point in the future!  Anyway, back to the new printables.  Along with the soft colors I chose to use white dots to add a bit of whimsy to the set.  And finally, the adorable bumble bee, so cute and a little on the plump side – lol!

The printable party circles of this collection include four designs, and as our other printable party circles, are personalized for the guest of honor.  Aside from the coordinating backgrounds in the collections color palette, these circles include the adorable bumble bee graphic, the guest of honors name and age and the phrase ‘Happy Birthday.’


The printable fancy labels in this collection come complete with the bumble bee graphic and coordinating background colors.  Just perfect for candy or themed dessert buffets, game stations, or guest placecards on a themed tablescape.


I just love the invitations in this set.  Along with the adorable layout of this printable invitation and the use of the black with white dots block and the soft grey text to make the guest of honor’s name stand out, I included a monogram on the invitation to make the invitations truly unique to the guest of honor.


And the coordinating printable welcome sign – sets the tone of the celebration!


This collection also comes with coordinating printable straw flags.  I used them with our truffle grey paper sipping straws but you could use them around the stem of glass stemware or even around lolly sticks as dessert toppers.



The printable party signs are used here as centerpiece decor.  Once printed and cut out, I attached them to a large cookie stick and put them in the center of an adorable white peony centerpiece.

This collection also includes a printable party banner with triangular pieces which I chose to keep with the vintage feel of the collection.



And finally the printable favor tags.  Finishing favors with a themed favor tag is the signature for all of my parties that I planned, design and style.  I find that coordinating favor tags helps to carry the theme of the party right to the end of the celebration.


Hope you enjoyed and thank you for letting me share!


Get your Vintage Bumble Bee Printables here!

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