{Crafts} DIY Tissue Paper Pom Poms

I am not sure what it is but lately I have been finding myself incorporating tissue paper pom poms into my party decor.  It must be because they are so easy to make and you can virtually make them in any color to match your party color scheme.  You can adjust the sizing of them as well to incorporate them in any part of your party. So today I wanted to share with you an easy tutorial from Martha Stewart so you too can make this easy DIY craft for your next party.


Step 2 is interesting because you can drastically alter the look of your tissue paper pom just be the way you trim the ends.  You and adjust the size of the paper pom by trimming either closer or farther from the center or you can change the end look of the pom by using a different trim finish. A rounded trim gives the paper pom a very soft whimsical look whereas a pointed trim gives the pom a modern feel.


These tissue paper poms are so whimsical and really fill your party area with color and fun.  I have found that this little party decor feature can be incorporated into many aspects of a party.  I have used them as hanging accents above a luncheon table or candy buffet.  I have also placed them onto of a candle holder and tall glass vase.  Beside a welcome sign in the party entryway also makes an excellent visual accent piece to add depth and whimsy.  Small poms can be used as chair decor or as party of a napkin or as a cute detail on a mini placecard frame.

Have fun with this craft everyone and let me know how it goes!


Have you made tissue paper poms before???  Any tips or suggestions???  We would love to hear from you!

Get your tutorial here!


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