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Happy Sweet Treat Tuesday!  I have so much to share with you today.  As promised, I have my son’s birthday party photos to show all of you as I am such a proud mama!  And I also have the debut of our newest printable party collection called Milk & Cookies.  So welcome to Mackenzie’s birthday party – round two and I hope you enjoy!

When I was designing this party theme for my son with all of his friends I wanted to have a theme that was fun and would provide the kids with a lot of hands on activities.  And is there anything more fun than making cookies?!?!?

When developing this adorable Milk & Cookies party theme and printable party collection I started with the color palette.  I really wanted to pull the colors that you might seen in a bakery or from the ingredients when baking cookies.  So I used dark chocolate brown from chocolate chips, beige from cookie dough and wooden utensils, bright white from milk, and grey from mixing bowls and other stainless steel utensils.  A Tiny Tiara signature feature of this adorable printable party collection is the choice of accent color.  When you order you can choose to have the accent color of cookie dough beige (as seen throughout Mackenzie’s party) or in either pink icing or blue frosting.

One of the sweet tables that I set up in the baking area included homemade devil’s chocolate cupcakes topped with our Milk & Cookies printable party circles.  These printable party circles come with four customized designs complete with the adorable cookie graphic that I designed specifically for this theme.  The table also included subway art that I designed and created for this theme.  Be sure to stay tunned in on friday’s – this will be a future freebie!  The table was finished with an antique scale, mini rolling pins that the children used to make their cookies and cupcake liner pom pomanders that I made.


One of my favourite things about this party was that all of the children got to wear their very own white bakers apron – so adorable!

I continued the decor into the luncheon area where I styled the fireplace mantle with more subway art, a mini welcome sign and a personalized printable party banner.

And here is the main candy buffet – or should I say cookie buffet!  I choose a grey backdrop so that all of the colors of the table would stand out.




And rounding out the cookie buffet are this adorable milk bottle sugar cookies from Irene’s Bake Shop.



And the oreo cookie cake from Irene’s Bake Shop was just as delicious as it looked.  It was such a hit with everyone that we didn’t even have any left overs.


The children gather in the kitchen at a table decorated and ready for them with their own personalized place mats.  One of the take home favors that the children really liked.

And the luncheon table decorated and finished with coordinating linens, mini glass milk bottles and adorable truffle grey sipping straws.


In order to get the children ready for baking, the first thing I had them do was to make their very own bakers hat.


Mackenzie was very serious about his cookie dough – lol!  We were also so lucky to have Irene from Irene’s Bake Shop on hand to teach the kids how to bake and decorate sugar cookies.  And big sis’s contribution to the party – dressing in all white as if she were a glass of milk (she is so creative!).



After all of the baking it was time to play a game of Pin the Chip on the Cookie!


And then there was a knock at the door.  Mackenzie was so surprised to see Cookie Monster at his party.



What a wonderful moment for my little guy!

After the cake is was time for party favors.  Each guest got a bag of oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix, complete printed instructions, an adorable wooden spoon so they could make cookies at home and share with their family, a bow and adorable favor tags.


It was such an amazing day and amazing party with an amazing group of kids for my amazing son.  Hope you enjoyed Kenzie!  Mommy loves you very much!

Enjoy the rest of your sweet treat tuesday!


What is your favourite cookie???

Credits and Information:

Party Styling, Party Production and Printables: The Tiny Tiara

Photography: 10K Marketing and Design

Oreo Cake/Milk Bottle Sugar Cookies/Chocolate Covered Oreos: Irene’s Bake Shop

Vintage Scale: Rust Magnet

Children’s White Aprons: McCall’s

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