{The Tiny Tiara} Our Website has a new look!

Happy Monday!  I hope that everyone had a great St. Patrick’s Day and a great weekend.  The weather was fantastic here and my weekend was busy.  Aside from preparing for St. Patty’s Day celebrations – of which at some point I will have to share with you the amazing time I had and all of the wonderful people who I met – I, along with the team at 10K Marketing and Design, were busy working away to update The Tiny Tiara website.  Those of you who know me well know that I love to continuously redecorate and re-organize my home.  Constantly changing things around with the seasons, holidays or major events like birthdays.  So the same holds true with my website.  I always feel the need to change things up and up date the look of my website and therefore business that I love so much.  The biggest change, and the one that I am most excited about, is the welcome page.  We had decided that the original welcome page had much too much in the way of writing and verbage.  I wanted something that was easy for everyone to navigate through and that anyone could find what they were looking for with just a click of the button.  And, of course, I wanted something that was pretty as well.  So here it is!

Each button leads you directly to the service or product that we offer as well as to our social media so you can stay connected – of which Pinterest and Twitter will be coming soon.  When you have a chance, check it out.  I have to say that my favourite part of this new welcome page is the way all of the colours work together.

See our website here!

What is your favourite part of our new welcome page?

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