{Holidays} 17 Days of Irish Love + Irish Dancers Prayer

When I think of St. Patrick’s Day I think about the wonderfully fun up beat irish music.  And when I think about irish music and festive jigs, I think about irish dancing.  Irish dancing is one of my favourite forms of dance and I just love watching the dancers in their gorgeous and ornate dresses.  Having an irish dancing dress is one of the reasons I put my daughter into irish dancing lol!  This past Christmas, my daughter’s irish dancing teacher, Maureen Miller of the Miller School of Irish Dance, gave all of the girls a beautiful Irish Dancers Prayer.  It was printed out on paper and we put it in a frame and it sits in Machaila’s room.  The words are so cute and inspirational that I thought I would share it with all of you for today’s post.

A Dancers Prayer

Dear angel, ever at my side

Be there today, my feet to guide

Help me dance high, and light, and free,

So everyone will be proud of me.

May the judges be fair and the stages

be spacious.

In winning and losing let me be gracious,

So that every dance I’ll remember with


And angel, please keep my shoelaces tied.


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