{Holidays} 17 Days of Irish Love + {Sweet Idea} St. Patty’s Day Bingo

Today’s sweet idea for our 17 Days of Irish Love series comes from Kaboose.  They take the traditional game of bingo and put a St. Patty’s Day twist on it.  Instead of the word “bingo” at the top, the word “lucky” appears.  Simply print out the template onto green card stock and use green holiday candy as markers and you got yourself a fun game.  Kaboose offers detailed step-by-step instructions to put your St. Patrick’s Day bingo game together.

A great game to play at a St. Patrick’s Day party that you may be organizing for your children or for students in your class if you are a teacher.  You may also save it for a family game to play on St. Patrick’s Day.

Have fun!

Get your bingo cards here!


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