{Holidays} 17 Days of Irish Love + St. Patrick’s Day Fairy Doll

This past christmas I started a new tradition with my kids.  We started the Elf on the Shelf tradition.  Many of you probably know all about the Elf on the Shelf.  This cute little family elf that visits the house at the beginning of December and stays with us and watches over the children for the entire month until Christmas Eve.  The story is that the family elf will return to the North Pole every night to give Santa updates on the children – all the good and maybe not so good things that they do. The kids even get to name their family elf – ours is Elfie.  It really is a fun holiday tradition and the kids wake up every morning searching through the house to find him and it helps keep them in line during the holidays.  So, as I was looking for ideas for St. Patrick’s Day this year I came across this adorable little fairy doll from our friend Vasilisa Knyazeva from Fancy Dolls and thought what a wonderful doll to use for St. Patrick’s Day.


Just like with Elfie, the kids could name her and she would be with us from the beginning of March to the 17th when the ‘lucky leprechaun’ comes to leave a few little treats for the kids.  I wonder what I will be able to come up with for Easter – lol!


See more Fancy Dolls here!

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