{Buzz Worthy} Meet Irene from Irene’s Bake Shop + Her $10000 Cake

Today I want to introduce to you someone very talented.  Irene from Irene’s Bake Shop.  Aside from being a busy cake maker she is a devoted wife, mother of two, grandma to three and takes care of her 97 year old mother.  Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to work with Irene as she has developed her love for desserts into a very busy business.  “I still can’t get used to the idea that this (her bake shop) is a business.  It is really a joy in life when you love what you do!” she said when asked about her business and her love for all things sweet.  Between her family and cakes, Irene doesn’t have much in the way of free time but when she does she makes it count.  Recently she found a bit of time to give back to the community.  How did she do that you ask???  Well, she did what she does best – she made a cake!  She made a gorgeous two-tiered princess chocolate cake with her signature vanilla buttercream and donated it to a local Youth Group Charity Auction.

When I asked her what her thoughts were when designing the cake she said “I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do something fun while at the same time challenge my designing techniques.”  And I must say that it turned out beautifully!  But now to the best part.  How much did the cake sell for at this Youth Group charity auction???  Hope you all are sitting down for this one – it sold for $10 000!!!  Yep that’s right, four zeros after that one.  Amazing!  “I am so thrilled for the group and the kids that the money will go to help” Irene said through tears of joy when I spoke to shortly after the auction ended.  “I was hoping that the group would get a couple hundred dollars.  I never imagined that they would get $10 000 for a cake that I made.  Thank you to the person who purchased it.  I hope you enjoyed it!  And great job to those who organized such a successful event” she concluded.

Not only did this cake go for such as staggering amount but it broke some records too.  It doubled the highest bid ever for an item at this auction.  In total the charity was able to raise $40 000, a quarter of which came from the purchase of this cake alone.  And, the target goal for money to be raised was $20 000, so Irene’s cake pulled in half of their goal.  The Youth Group was so pleased with the result of the entire auction and amazed that they doubled their target that they have ear-marked some of the money for other local charities.

Congratulations to all of those who organized this auction and to those who participated!

Find out more about Irene and her Bake Shop here!


  1. eileen williams says:

    best cake on the planet it was a beautiful and breathtaking cake thanks Irene:)

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