{Inspiration} Swan Lake with Machaila

Thursday night was a very special night for my daughter and I.  We went to see Swan Lake put on by the State Ballet Theatre of Russia.  As many of you know Machaila is a very talented ballerina.  I know that being her mother I am a little bias but when she dances she brings tears to my eyes and I always say that she is a born ballerina.  At three weeks of age she would kick her little right leg to the beat of any music that she could hear.  She went from crawling to twirling on her tippy-toes and hasn’t stopped.  When she was 3 years old she won an award for her dancing called The Tiny Dancer Award (I had nothing to do with the name – lol).  In a few days she will be taking her first ballet exam and so I thought I would surprise her with tickets to go and see real ballerinas.  A bit of inspiration for her and a show of the possibilities.

The show was beautiful!  And Machaila was in total awe of the entire thing.  She loved everything about the ballet, the set, the costumes, the shoes, the music, the story, the coreography, everything!  During intermission she was dancing around everywhere she could as other audience members watched.


But, I think the highlight of the evening for both Machaila and I was when she got to met Odette. Still in costume with a gorgeous tiny tiara, the real Swan Princess made the moment so magical for my little girl that I almost missed the picture because I was tearing up!  I know the two of us are going to cherish our first girls night at the ballet together forever.

Machaila you are my inspiration and I love you!



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