{Party Planning} Hostess Party Planning Kits + New to Our Boutique

Recently we introduced our Custom Inspiration Boards as part of our ever expanding party planning services.  I am so pleased with the way this product has turned out and with that combined with the needs of our clients I have come up with yet another party planning service product to offer to all of those Hostesses-to-be!  Our Hostess Extraordinaire Party Planning Kit!  This kit combines our custom inspiration board service with our custom party printables service.  Here’s how it works. First, we will provide you with inspiration and sources for your event in the form of a custom inspiration board, such as the one below. From invitations and stationary to celebration decor and favors, specialty foods and even wardrobe for the guest of honour our inspirations boards offer you a comprehensive visual as well as a list of sources delivered right to your email inbox. You provide us with your event details such as type of event and date, possibly color scheme and theme if you have decided on one and we will go from there. We will provide you with an inspiration board that is customized to your event and will include 8 – 10 photos pulling together the theme of your celebration with celebration elements from start to finish. Each photo will be sourced so you will know where and how to pick up that item(s) for your party.

Then, along with your custom inspiration board we will also deliver a set of custom printable party circles, a set of custom printable blank fancy labels and a set of custom printable favor tags directly to your email inbox in pdf format and ready to be printed.  WOW!!!  These printables will coordinate perfectly with your custom inspiration board and help you to pull together your celebration.  Print as many as you need and use them throughout your event.  With this kit everyone will think that you are a pro!

 Now all you need is a reason to have a party!!!

Happy planning and partying everyone!

Click here for more information!


  1. Wow, great article, I really appreciate your thought process and having it explained properly, thank you!

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