{Sweet Treat Tuesday} Valentine’s Day Treats Part 1: Shortbread Hearts with Fluffy Pink Buttercream Frosting

Being as we are less than a month away from Valentine’s Day, I thought I would devote Sweet Treat Tuesdays to a tasty Valentine treat.  So to start us off on our Sweet Treat Tuesdays: Valentine’s Day Treats Part 1 is none other than the fabulous shortbread cookie in the shape of adorably festive hearts.  I absolutely love shortbread.  Whether it has icing on it or not, I can eat shortbread at any time of the day.  Definitely on of my favourite sweet treats for any holiday or occassion.  These gorgeous shortbread hearts are iced with a fluffy pink buttercream frosting – YUM!!!  The recipe was posted on Babble by The Naptime Chef (those of us with children can understand and imagine where that name came from).  What I love about these cookies and the recipe is that they are great to make with your children and there tips noted about making the cookie dough ahead of time.  Hope you all enjoy!

Get your recipe here!

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