{Sweet Ideas} Fabric Pom Poms

So I am always on the hunt for some neat craft or DIY project or creative idea that I can incorporate into any of my parties that I design.  That little something that makes a party unique and memorable, one of a kind and whimsical.  I have always loved tissue paper poms but find that they take forever to assemble and the tissue paper is always tearing.  On a side note, if anyone has a suggestion or tip for making tissue paper pom poms, I would love to hear about it!   So on my quest I came across this sweet little idea, these gorgeous fabric pom poms from Once Wed.  What makes this idea so great is that the fabric that you choose to use can coordinate with the colour palette and pattern ensemble of the event.  Also, these fabric poms can be used anywhere such as hung from the ceiling over a candy buffet or above a tablescape, they can be used as part of a centerpiece or even as chair decor.  They can also be used on a more permanent scale such as using them in a nursery as part of the decor or in a child’s play room.The possibilities of incorporating these fabulous poms of fabric are endless.  Such a fantastic idea that doesn’t require much in the way of materials and only a few simple steps.

Check out Once Wed for materials and instructions and have fun! (All photos courtesy of Once Wed)



  1. these are too cute! love the idea 🙂

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